Specialized Services

Business Telephone Solutions
We offer scalable and affordable IP phone systems. No matter the size of your business, we can build a phone system that meets your current and future needs.
Wireless Connectivity
Wireless technology is progressing very rapidly. We keep track of the latest developing technologies and make sure that we provide you an affordable and fast wireless solution. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility; we can even provide wireless networks to harsh environments.
Project Management
Whether you’re migrating to a new VPS or moving to a new building, we can manage the project and make sure you experience minimal downtime in any sort of migration or project.
Website and Email Solutions
An online presence is essential in today’s economy, and uniquely personalized email is an extension of your business’ brand. We offer custom design and hosting packages for business web sites as well as personalized email solutions. We develop our websites with the newest blogging and social networking technology to help you communicate efficiently and effectively to your customers.
Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation
The world is going wireless, which affords some opportunities to expand your network through this rapidly growing technology. But wireless can be deceptively tricky. We understand wireless networks and security issues and are happy to help you stay connected.