Managed Services

Let us manage your technology infrastructure for you. We offer a service which will maintain, update, and protect your networking equipment, servers, and your PCs, and let us know if any problems are seen before they cause downtime.

We can customize a solution that fits your needs:

• Backups and server maintenance

• Virus protection and content filtering

• Workstation and mobile maintenance and patch management

• Maintenance on switches, wireless controllers, access points, and other devices

A business perspective

A managed solution could be exactly what your business needs. A managed service model keeps the technology running the back-bone of your business running efficiently. Any consistent bottlenecks or slow-downs are reported and looked at, and identified at the source. Problems occur less frequently because of constant oversight, and if any problem was inevitable, we would know about it, giving us enough time to take preventative measures, meaning you experience minimal downtime.

Under the traditional break/fix model, a desktop or server will continue to run without supervision, despite problems that may be occurring in the background. When those problems reach a point where they must be addressed, which typically involves taking the machine down with it, then you will have to pay someone to fix it. Whether it is a company like ours, or an employee of yours, someone will have to take the time to fix it, which is money out of your business’ pocket, and a loss of productivity for the time the machine spends offline. An ideal scenario would be to identify the problem before it becomes a loss-generating issue.

We provide reports which will detail the maintenance given to your equipment. You don’t have to take our word for it.