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Beer, Chocolate, and InfoSec

Early this month I spent some time in Belgium visiting with good friends, Annemie Valkeneers and Stephan Matuvis, who own and operate businesses that help companies with consulting and certification. ISO 27001 is one of their practice areas, which provides an international benchmark for implementing, managing, and maintaining information security.  

The cybersecurity issues faced by entities in the USA and EU are similar and also different. There are more technology companies in the US thus making it a more attractive target for cyber thieves. Regulation in the EU is more centralized by the EU's GDPR which applies to all businesses that process personal date. The US is much more fragmented in its regulatory landscape which can make it confusing and difficult to comply.

Not all of my time there was spent talking shop. Belgium offers a wide variety of world famous chocolate, beer, and plenty of history to discover. I was able to enjoy all they had to offer. I am comfortably back home in Bentonville Arkansas recovering from my adventures. 

The world is much more accessible these days and technology links us all together.