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IT Technical Support for NWA Businesses

It's Like Having an In-House Help Desk. Without the Desk (or the IT staff).

Time is Money. Don't Waste It Troubleshooting IT Issues.

They may seem minor, but computer and technology issues like these slow down your business and can even grind it to a halt. What if you don't have an in-house help desk?

Simple: Outsource your IT support. Because TekTrendz is right here in Northwest Arkansas, outsourcing your technical support doesn't have to mean out-of-town.


  • "I can't log in."
  • "My internet is too slow."
  • "Oops. I deleted the wrong file."
  • "Noooo. My computer may have a virus."
  • "I can't print from my computer."
  • "I can't access our files."
  • "My computer isn't working right."
  • "I can't save to the cloud."

Your Hometown Help Desk 

Businesses across Northwest Arkansas outsource their technical support questions and needs to TekTrendz. We specialize in troubleshooting IT, so you can specialize in growing your business.

  • Login Issues

    Your team would be working right now, but they're locked out of critical software/platforms. We'll quickly rectify access or login issues – to get your team back to work.

  • Computer Malfunction

    Hardware problems can be hard on a business. Computers, routers, servers, printers...we'll get them back online and working as they should.

  • Software Updates

    What a headache! Ensuring your team is using the latest and safest version of software. Let TekTrendz manage your software updates. You've got other irons in the fire. 

  • Virus Protection/Response

    It takes time to safeguard against and respond to computer viruses. TekTrendz specializes in virus protection and response – so you can focus elsewhere. 

  • Data Backup/Recovery

    Companies can't afford to lose their data. TekTrendz will ensure your business information is regularly and fully backed up, so your data can be restored at any time. 

  • Connection Problems

    If you can't access the internet, you can't do business. Our help desk will jump on any connectivity issues preventing you from accessing the internet and doing business as usual. 

Make TekTrendz Your Help Desk

Death, taxes, and technical problems with your IT equipment and network...some things are just inevitable. And while TekTrendz can't help with the first two, we've got the fix to keep your IT up and running. Let us be your help desk.