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Endpoint Privilege Management

Privileged Access Management (PAM) Is Essential to Security

Cybercriminals are constantly seeking opportunities to breach the security of computer systems, targeting organizations and causing widespread damage to both their data and their clients. Through a detailed analysis of these breaches, it has become evident that many of these attacks could have been prevented with the implementation of basic endpoint privilege management strategies.

By removing local Admin rights and implementing endpoint privilege management, organizations can significantly enhance their cybersecurity efforts. Privileged Access Management (PAM) plays a crucial role in preventing malware and thwarting attackers, with some estimates suggesting that running users with Standard privileges can mitigate a substantial percentage of vulnerabilities, particularly those related to Microsoft.

Despite the clear benefits of restricting local Admin rights, many organizations hesitate to do so due to concerns about potential productivity issues that could arise when users need elevated privileges. However, the risks posed by maintaining these rights far outweigh the temporary inconveniences that may occur.

At TekTrendz, we firmly believe in the effectiveness and simplicity of this approach to cybersecurity. That's why we have integrated it into all our service plans, as we are committed to helping organizations in NWA strengthen their cybersecurity defenses and become CyberSecure. If you are interested in Managed Security Services to protect your organization from cyber threats, we are here to assist you.